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It’s your once-in-a-lifetime dream come true! And from “Will you marry me?” to “I do,” Waterloo Films will tell your wedding story and preserve your memories through the lens of talented veteran videographer Jorge Flores. With an eye for even the smallest details of every aspect of your wedding, Jorge’s commitment to perfectly capturing each magic moment artistically and authentically is characteristic of this high-quality boutique videography firm.

Waterloo Films’ finished products showcase Jorge’s passion, expertise and creative genius in videography, capturing the emotion and grandeur of the event from the perspective of his side of the camera lens – ensuring for couples that his chronicling of this life-changing event on film is nothing short of perfection. His professionalism, interspersed with his creativity and enthusiasm for his craft, allows Jorge to fulfill his commitment to creating a lifelong memory on film that meets and exceeds the expectations of his clients. Many have described his wedding films as “like a movie,” with specially selected music, candid scenes and often-overlooked special moments that cannot be replicated that the bride and groom might otherwise never have seen.

Jorge has earned high praise and glowing recommendations from his clients, with comments such as “captured the spirit and energy of our day so perfectly,” “better than I could have ever imagined,” and “the videography was breathtaking.”


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Reviewed on 5/28/2016  Megan  Wedding Wire

I don’t think there are words to fully describe my satisfaction with Jorge and his team. They are creative geniuses. I feel like Jorge wanted to perfectly capture our wedding just as much as we wanted him to. I am an A-type, perfectionist so in choosing my vendors I put hours into research. My husband and I could have not made a better decision. Not only was Jorge easy to work with, but he was always more than happy to answer my questions and he was always so kind.

We just received our short film back this week and could not be more thrilled with how it turned out. We’ve watched it over and over again and are so in love with the footage. Jorge did such a great job with putting the film together including the angles, music and the special little moments I forgot about. My wedding day was wonderful, but also really hectic and I feel like I didn’t get to really put eyes on all my hard work. Thank goodness for Jorge…for the first time since the wedding I actually feel like I got to “see” my wedding.

There is nothing else that could replace live footage of your wedding and if you are on the fence about getting a videographer let me reassure you that it will be the BEST BEST BEST decision you can make.

Jorge and his team were so good that half the time I forgot that they were there because they just blended in with our guest. Jorge goes above and beyond to deliver a great product to his clients and you can tell from the first time you talk to him that he is passionate about what he does.

My advice to anyone looking for their wedding videographer is to book Waterloo films as quickly as you can! You will in no way be disappointed and will have an amazing video to share with your friends, family and future kiddos 🙂

Thank you so much to Jorge and his amazingly creative team for capturing our special day better than I could have ever imagined. I will never ever be able to thank you enough and am so thrilled that you were apart of our day!